A Responsible Borrower Have These Characteristics:


Self Aware

Self-awareness is an important prerequisite for a responsible borrower. Before applying for a loan, he/she checks his/her financials and determines whether the additional funds are required or not.



A responsible borrower is determined. He /she pledges to never miss a single EMI and keeps a continuous track on his/her monthly dues.



A responsible borrower is disciplined. He/she takes note of all the expenses. keeps a close eye on savings, and pays the EMIs on time.



A responsible borrower is the one who is transparent with the lender in terms of providing all the necessary documents and discloses all the financial history, along with paying the debt on time.

Responsible Borrowers Enjoy These Benefits:

Save on penalty

The penalty is a certain percentage of the EMI amount levied due to late/missing payment, which ultimately increases the financial burden of the borrower. Hence, by paying EMI on time, a responsible borrower avoids penalties and late payment fees.


Improved CIBIL score

If the EMIs are paid on time, the credit history looks positive, and the CIBIL score also increases. Therefore, it becomes a lot easier for the borrower to get a future loan at comparatively lower interest rates.


Benefit of Top up loan

A top-up loan is a facility provided by ZipLoan which allows a borrower to borrow money over and above his/her current outstanding loan amount. The eligibility of a top up loan is governed by the timely repayment of a loan by the borrower.


Reduced financial stress

Missing the EMI payment for a month increases the financial burden for the next month, with two installments plus the penalty charge. A responsible borrower manages his/her finances well, by paying the EMIs on time and keeping the monthly installments low.

Never Delay Your EMI!

Impacts credit score

One of the major disadvantages of not paying the EMIs on time is that, the CIBIL score goes for a toss which impacts the creditworthiness of the borrower to avail various type of loans such as business loan, personal loan, home loan, car loan, etc at lower interest rates.

Creates negative imprint

Non repayment of EMIs on time creates a negative impression in the mind of the lender about the borrower’s intent to pay future EMIs.

Restricts future loans

There’s no way to get rid of the negative credit history if the EMIs are not paid on time. All financial institutions can view this history and refuse any sort of loan in future based on this historical credit data.

Heavy penalties

Missing or delayed EMI payment incurs penalty and late fee charges. Moreover, these penalties are heavy, sometimes higher than the interest itself, thus increasing the financial burden.

Different Routes To Ensure Timely EMI payments

Route 1 - Auto debit facility

Auto debit is nothing but an instruction given to the borrower’s bank to allow the loan provider to deduct EMIs on the due dates. As per the research, Auto debit via NACH is the most preferred method of paying EMI.

In this, the borrower’s signature is taken for an auto-debit instruction or the “NACH mandate”. This mandate instructs the borrower’s bank to permit the auto-debit of EMIs from Ziploan. Once the auto-debit is active, all one needs to do is to maintain a sufficient balance in the bank account and not worry about anything else.

Route 2 - Online EMI payment

The borrower can make the EMI payment online via debit card, net banking or UPI. All one needs to do is visit ZipLoan website or download the mobile loan app.

Route 3 - Pay via Paytm

The borrower can also pay the EMI using Paytm. Please click https://paytm.com/loan-emi-payment/Ziploan to make the payment or click here to pay directly via Paytm app.

For any queries related to repayment of the loan or cancellation / modification of NACH write to us at customer.care@ziploan.com

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