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zipgrow is a mobile application that lets businessmen record their pending payments from customers digitally. Businessmen can then send reminders and mini statements to the customers for payment. Significantly reducing the burden of maintaining the records physically in books and diaries, the App lets businessmen track and manage pending payments from customers on their mobile anytime and anywhere.

Features of zipgrow

zipgrow is 100% free, and all types of businesses can maintain their accounts on it. The following are the features of the app that helps it stand apart from others:

Enter cash payments received from customers in last 6 months

Record cash payments received from customers in the last 6 months to compute cash turnover and add it to banking turnover to increase your business loan offer by 30%.

Record pending payments from customers

Replacing the offline recording of pending payments from customers, the App lets the users record such payments digitally for anytime, anywhere access.

Send reminders and mini statements to customers for payments

The customers are reminded of the payment through WhatsApp reminders and pdf mini statements, thus saving the users from the hassle of manually reminding the customers for payments. This also ensures payments are received on time.

Safe & secure data

The data entered by the users is not shared with any third party. Blue Jay Finlease Limited shall sign non-disclosure agreement with customer at the time of customer’s sign up.

Download Our App
Follow the following steps to download the digital ledger:
Step 1: search zipgrow on the Google Play Store.
Step 2: download the App.
Step 3: enter the mobile number to get OTP and create an account.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is zipgrow?

Record cash payments received from customers in the last 6 months to compute cash turnover and add it to banking turnover to increase your loan offer by 30%.

Is my data safe in zipgrow app?

Yes, all the transactions recorded on the App are secure. Blue Jay Finlease Limited accepts and signs non-disclosure agreement with User during sig up and no data is shared with anyone else.

How to Use zipgrow App?

Download the Zipgrow App from the Google Play Store and enter mobile number and OTP to create an account. It is a user-friendly app created in the style of Whatsapp

How many transactions can I store in Zipgrow?

The users can record their lifetime business transactions on the App. Only user can delete the transactions from the App. Notably, once the transactions are deleted, they can’t be recovered.

Can I send payment reminders to the customers?

Yes, the users can send WhatsApp payment reminders and pdf mini statements to the customers.