Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the purposes for which I can take loan with ZipLoan?

    ZipLoan provides you the financial access only for Business. You have to submit some basic documents for a quick credit evaluation and based on that we process loan in 3 days. You can take loan with us for following reasons:

    • Expanding the Business
    • Meeting the gaps in Cash-flows
    • Working Capital
    • Manage the Inventory
    • Buying new business equipments
  2. What is Ziploan?

    Ziploan is a technology driven NBFC which connects small businesses with their financial needs. We are present in Delhi NCR, Indore, Lucknow and Jaipur.

  3. Why do small businesses take loan from ZipLoan?

    ZipLoan is set up to make finance easily accessible for small businesses. In the recent scenario small businesses are ignored by big financial institutions and banks. Ziploan also evaluate the businesses not only on their credit history, at Ziploan we take decisions based on multiple data points.

  4. Where is ZipLoan based?

    ZipLoan is based in Delhi NCR, Lucknow, Jaipur and Indore.

  5. Why is ZipLoan better than any other bank/NBFC?

    Applying for a business loan from ZipLoan offers the following benefits :

    • Online application form, apply from anywhere!
    • Loan disbursal within 3 days of document submission.
    • Loan is collateral free.
    • We don't charge any prepayment fees
  6. Why a Loan from Ziploan is better than any money lander?

    The reasons to choose ZipLoan over any other moneylender are:

    • Collateral Free Loan: The loans offered are collateral free and require no guarantee of any kind
    • Reasonable Rate of Interest: The exact interest rate will be communicated to you after credit. Analysis of your financial profile. Rate of interest varies from 1-1.5 % per month flat.
    • Online Application: Apply from anywhere.
    • No Prepayment Penalty: There is no penalty for partial or complete prepayment of loan before completion of tenure.
  7. What is the Loan Application Process?

    You can apply for a loan from our website or through the ZipLoan mobile app. The loan application process is entirely online. You can submit the list of necessary documents on our mobile app/web.

  8. What information and documents are required to apply for a loan?

    Following documents are necessary to apply for loan at ZipLoan:

    • PAN Card
    • Last 12 month Bank Statement
    • Last 2-3 years ITR
    • Address Proof
    • Aadhar Card
  9. Is ZipLoan a secure website?

    ZipLoan collects sensitive personal data / information after your due consent, such as your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, pan number, gst number, sms, phone details, phone contacts, location, call logs, income tax returns, bank account number, passport details, driving license details, personal statements, reasons for seeking finance, income sources and financial information, etc. ZipLoan uses this data for loan evaluation of applicants. Most small businesses do not have all the necessary documents and hence we supplement our underwriting process with the use of this data. The sensitive data collected by ZipLoan is stored with bank grade security.

  10. In what time I will get decision and receive funds?

    After submission of required documents and its successful evaluation we take a minimum of 3 business days to disburse the loan. (Terms and Conditions apply)

  11. How can I check the status of my loan application?
    • You can check the status of your application by downloading Ziploan App and signing with your Reistered mobile number.
    • YYou can also check the status of your application on our web portal by signing in with your Registered Mobile number.
    • Alternatively you can also reach out to us at
  12. How can I check my loan details and EMI due date?

    Login into and check all the minute details related to your loan. You can also check by login on our Android Application. You can download our mobile application from here:

  13. What is Top-up loan?

    Top-up loan is a facility provided by Ziploan which allows the borrower to borrow a certain amount of money over and above his/her current outstanding loan.

  14. What are the benefits of Top-up loan?

    The Top-up loan comes with a lower interest rate & lower processing fee compared to your current loan interest rate & processing fee.

  15. What is the eligibility criteria for Top-up loan?
    • If your current loan tenor with Ziploan is 12 months then you will be eligible for Top-up loan after successfully completing 6 months EMI without any bouncing.
    • If your current loan tenor with Ziploan is between 18-24 months then you will be eligible for Top-up loan after successfully completing 9 months EMI without any bouncing.
  16. How can I apply for Topup in case I need funds again?
    • You can apply for a Top Up on our web portal by signing in with your Registered Mobile Number.
    • Alternatively, you can call us at 011-4084-4613 or email us at
  17. How can I check my eligibility for business loan?

    Eligibility criteria for a business loan from ZipLoan:

    • Minimum 10 lakh of annual banking credit.
    • Last year ITR of more than 2.5 lakhs.
    • Either house or business premises should be self-owned.
    • Business Place Separate from Residential Premises.
    • Business should have been operating for at least 2 years.
  18. My business is less than 3 years old, can I still get loan from ZipLoan?

    You are eligible to avail a loan from ZipLoan if your business is more than 2 years old.

  19. How much amount can I borrow and for how long?

    You can borrow a loan ranging from INR 1-5 lacs. Repayment period ranges from 12-24 months.

  20. What Interest rate is charged by ZipLoan?

    The exact interest rate will be communicated to you after credit analysis of your financial profile. Interest Rates generally range from 1-1.5% per month(Flat).

  21. Do I need to put my property papers or any mortgage to get the loan?

    No. ZipLoan offers collateral free business loans. There is no need to submit property papers, mortgage or any other kind of security to avail a loan from ZipLoan.

  22. Can I repay my loan before due date?

    Yes. You can repay the loan before due date. ZipLoan levies no prepayment penalty for payment of Loan before completion of tenure.

  23. What is the process of repay to ZipLoan?

    We accept EMI in 3 ways:

    • We collect PDC's before disbursement
    • We deduct EMI from your bank account automatically by getting an ACH form signed by you.
    • We also accept EMI through IMPS/NEFT
  24. Will you be pulling my CIBIL score?

    Though we require your CIBIL score, it is only a part of our credit evaluation process. We evaluate the credit of small enterprises in a holistic fashion and generate a unique internal credit score termed ‘Zipscore’. Zipscore ensures that a business is evaluated for factors beyond just the CIBIL score.