We don’t just design Job roles but we believe in building careers at ZipLoan.

· Career paths are defined for all team members and it is our constant endeavor to ensure that teams never feel stagnated and we continue to provide them with various opportunities to grow within their departments. We also provide avenues to job rotations if they wish to explore some other portfolio and learn a new skill.

· We have a focussed grooming & training program specially designed for our key talent wherein the identified top talent is placed under a dedicated & accelerated career path.

· There are many other monetary and non-monetary benefits as a part of the talent Pool program that keeps them motivated and driven to achieve their dreams.

We wish to see the number growing every year by year!

We are an equal opportunity employer as we believe in maintaining a healthy gender ratio across our locations.

We are different but we are united!

ZipLoan is a technology company that works on the last mile delivery of loans to the masses.

· Saving cost is our vision and automating the loan process is our mission.

· We are the highly skilled warriors of coders and developers who use languages such as Python and Angular as our weapon against bugs.

· Plenty of rope given to the team members to play, experiment, and explore with the technology.

· We exercise democracy and the suggestions, opinions, debates, and dialogues of the team members are highly valued.

· A sense of comradeship is instilled in each tech members that make them adept in any challenging situations.

We ensure that our employees develop as humans and not as bots with equal opportunity for pursuing interests outside work.

· We focus on building higher efficiencies and productivity by letting the team members wind up on time and do things that they enjoy doing.

· Over and above the normal leave policy, team members get to chose to take an off day either on their Birthdays or Anniversary so that they do not miss celebrating their special days with their loved ones!

Everything in life has to have a balance!

We are a team of dedicated & serious professionals who also believe in enjoying life to the fullest, pursuing our passions, and learning new skills.

· Having said that we also believe in having fun at work and take out time for several activities that are conducted every month to just connect, play games, quizzes, etc to unwind ourselves.

We work hard, party hard!

We are looking for candidates who are innovative, solution-oriented, and deeply passionate about their work.

· We pride ourselves on our diversity and hire people from a variety of backgrounds. At ZipLoan, we value talent more than education and experience.

Every day we aspire to excel and continuously improvise. We may not be near perfect but we aspire & strive to be so!