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Our Culture

Our culture is open and inclusive

We are looking for candidates who are innovative, solution oriented and deeply passionate about their work. We pride ourselves on our diversity and hire people from a variety of backgrounds. At ZipLoan, we value talent more than education and experience.

Our Values

Our values are what drive us


Ever felt like an automaton that punched in and out of office ? Well that won’t happen at ZipLoan, since we are all about focus and clarity.

Lateral Thinking

We appreciate team members who can map out new approaches and find innovative solutions.


We don’t sweat the small stuff. We empower our team members to take ownership of their tasks and give them the freedom to execute.

Start-up Spirit

We encourage our troops to be self-starters. Everyone is highly motivated to create and celebrate.

Our Benefits

Benefits and Perks

Foosball and snacks
Coffee and Snacks

We know that good coffee, tea and snacks all day is important for our superstars so we made the necessary arrangements.

The Crowd
The Crowd

Wondering whose path you will cross on a daily basis in office? With an average age of 27, our office is bubbling with youthful energy.

The Floor
The Floor

Forget about the suits, at ZipLoan we’re more about the jeans. No red tape and no formalities, only camaraderie and collaboration.

The Fun
The Fun

We have a dedicated ‘Fun Club’ that arranges interesting activities for the team.

Employee Testimonials
  • The culture at ZipLoan encourages progressive thinking. Feedback is encouraged as we believe that a team can grow collectively only if every member is passionate and dedicated.

    Manoj HansLead Software Engineer

  • I enjoy working at Ziploan because it has a new approach to evaluating credit. My team is extremely motivated to find new ways of solving the problem of small business lending.

    Arjun NegiAssociate Vice President, Credit

  • ZipLoan’s mission of providing loans to small businesses has encouraged me to work on data driven solutions to achieving that goal. The work culture is engaging and has helped me hone my problem solving and critical thinking skills.

    Priyanka DasSenior Data Scientist

  • I’m passionate about Software Architecture and believe in building things from the scratch. ZipLoan provides an environment that is very conducive to learning. The work culture here is non-hierarchical which allows one to execute new ideas.

    Amit Kumar GaurAssociate Architect Technology

  • I was the first one to join ZipLoan's HR team. It feels like, people are here because they have a deep connection with the company and believe in what the company stands for

    Ankit KhareManager, H.R.

  • Working at ZipLoan has been a very positive experience. The organization allows freedom to implement new ideas & makes one feel entrepreneurial about their job. The sales team is passionate & constantly endeavors to achieve its goals.

    Neelabh GautamSenior Manager Sales

  • I started my career at ZipLoan in Human Resources and the thing I really liked about ZipLoan that here no one is employee but a team member My team ensures we keep this culture open to new members too.

    Sachi JainAssociate, H.R.

  • At Ziploan, I have the freedom to use a variety of marketing channels to source customers I particularly enjoy creating innovative marketing strategies and have an expertise in website data analysis.

    Rahul SetiaAVP Digital Marketing

  • Great work environment with very positive energy from seniors. One can really see people smiling, helpful and genuine.There is certainly an energy from the top down that is contagious.

    Bhawna VirmaniManager Operations