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ZipLoan offers short-term flexi business loan at very reasonable interest rates with minimal documentation to help small businesses expand and grow upwards.

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ZipLoan is the Lender of Choice for Small Businesses.


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Get Collateral-Free Flexi Business Loans from ZipLoan

ZipLoan understands that not all small businesses can provide a collateral to avail collateral flexi loan. We offer a flexi business loan without collateral to help small businesses grow. Our short-term collateral-free business loan is perfect for small businesses. The best part of our business loan is that the application process is completely online and the borrower is not required to visit in person.

ZipLoan - RBI Registered Flexi Business Loan Provider in India

Capital is the most important thing that comes to everyone’s mind when one thinks about running a successful small business. Business offers many situations when cash crunches can happen like customer or purchaser may not pay the bills on time or you may have an urgency to buy inventory. For many situations like this, MSME & SME loan is the best and the most-recommended option! However, as many may think that a business loan taking process may take time and this may cause them inconvenience in case of urgent financial requirements, here is a new-age business loan - Flexi Business Loan.

A flexi business loan is a type of business loan where the borrower gets a credit line and he can use it at the time of need. He can use the credit at the time of unexpected cash requirements, equipment purchase, and business expansion. The borrower can use the finances to the sanctioned limits and will be only charged interest on what he has utilized.

The main features of ZipLoan Flexi loan for SMEs in India:

  • Type and amount: We offer working capital loans for small business and equipment finance flexi loan ranging from INR 1-7.5 Lacs.
  • Flexi EMI options: Repay the flexi loan in easy monthly EMIs . We offer flexible repayment tenor, you can repay the flexi business loan from a time period of 12-36 months.
  •      ZipScore: We do not only follow the CIBIL norms nut calculate the borrower’s eligibility in a holistic way with our own holistic credit rating process called ZipScore.

Guide to Availing ZipLoan Flexi Business Loan

You can avail ZipLoan flexi loan in following 3 easy steps:

  • Submit Required Documents: Upload the soft copies of required documents on our website or App. We also offer doorstep facility, our representative will collect all documents from your office or home.
  • Get Business Loan Sanctioned: If your business loan application is approved, we will sanction your flexi loan within a few days.

Solving Real problems

Ram Yadav

I have been running my business for over twelve years but have not been able to undertake expansion activities. I applied to Ziploan and they cleared my loan application in a very short span of time.

Kanchan Lata

I approached Ziploan for an equipment finance loan. Their eligibility criterion was easy to fulfill because it required only 2 years ITR and 10 lacs of annual banking credit.

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