How Does Business Loan Work?

A financial tool, business loan helps in boosting a business without any burden of collateral or mortgage. You need to fulfil the eligibility criteria of the lender to get the loan application approved and loan amount sanctioned. Avail an unsecured business loan without pledging any collateral. You can use the funds to expand your business, buy new and latest machinery, and maximise your business growth.

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The Fundamentals of a Business Loan

Since the small business market continually changes, in terms of technology, preference shift, and regulations, there is n number of ways in which a business loan can work. That said, the easiest way to understand in what way a business loan can work is based on the type of a loan you are availing. Various types of business loans are available, mostly based on the needs of the borrowers. Such as machinery loan, working capital loan, capital loan, etc.

Business Loan Requirements

No matter what type of a business loan of you apply for, the following are the requirements that you need to fulfil to qualify for a loan:

  • Credit Score: the lending company will run a credit report check to comprehend how you manage your personal and business funds. A poor credit history would make it difficult for you to get the application approved. If your business has an established credit history, you need to ensure that it is positive. If it is negative, then you need to work towards making it positive. Notably, in addition to the credit score, we have a new evaluation system, ZipScore, which holistically checks the borrowers’ creditworthiness.
  • Credit Report: if you have missed any payments in the past or have made settlements, all of these will be shown in your credit report. It will only show your careless behaviour and incapability of managing funds.
  • Business Vintage: a new business is a bit risky. Many loan lenders don’t offer loans to risky ventures, so they don’t generally offer loans to new businesses. To qualify for a business loan, your business needs to be in operations for at least two years. The two years of business vintage will help you provide the required documents, such as ITR, PNL statement, bank statement, etc. These documents will show that your business is doing fine and is capable of repaying the loan amount.
  • Business Financials: many lenders require detailed information about business financials, including ITR, bank statement, etc. The stronger the business’ financial position is, the easier it will be to qualify for a business loan.
  • Collateral: you don’t need to provide collateral for all business loans. You can avail unsecured business loans. We offer collateral-free business loan where you don’t need to provide security or collateral to avail a business loan.

Solving Real problems

Ram Yadav

I have been running my business for over twelve years but have not been able to undertake expansion activities. I applied to Ziploan and they cleared my loan application in a very short span of time.

Kanchan Lata

I approached Ziploan for an equipment finance loan. Their eligibility criterion was easy to fulfill because it required only 2 years ITR and 10 lacs of annual banking credit.

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